Elie Hirschfeld Productions

The theatre has been a sustaining passion in my life for over thirty years. I hope this site will inspire others to engage in the arts and support our vibrant theatre community.

When I was a student at NYU Law School in the 1970s, my friends and I used The Village Voice as a guide for weekend entertainment. In addition to movies, we began exploring the local theatre, and I immediately fell in love with the miraculous transformations I witnessed on the stage. The heart, soul and dedication actors invest in their craft never fails to amaze me.

Today I express my love of the theatre not just as a spectator, but also as an investor and co-producer. Elie Hirschfeld Productions has supported a number of highly acclaimed plays, including EquusPassing Strange, and Oleanna. Most recently, I helped to bring Flashdance: The Musical to London’s West End.