eh-buffett-6-15-17-bJune 13, 2017 – New York, NY – Today, Elie Hirschfeld announced his appointment to the Israel Bonds National Campaign Advisory Council. He is humbled by the appointment to the Council (www.israelbonds.com).

The organization typically sells over $USD One Billion in bonds annually in the United States to develop every aspect of Israel’s economy.

Elie Hirschfeld said, “Israel has always been part of me — I was born in Tel Aviv.  With my increased commitment to the Jewish state and Israel Bonds, and my new position on the Council, I look forward to introducing my business colleagues and friends to Israel Bonds and to joining me in becoming stakeholders in one of the world’s most resilient economies.”

Development Corporation for Israel, established in 1951 and commonly known as Israel Bonds, is a FINRA-member broker dealer and underwriter for securities – Israel bonds – issued by the State of Israel in the United States. For the past four years, annual U.S. sales have exceeded $1 billion. Prior to 2011, annual U.S. sales averaged approximately $600 million. Worldwide sales since the first Israel bonds were issued in 1951 have exceeded $40 billion.

For Israel, having the support of Israel Bonds – a reliable and independent financial pipeline – is an invaluable and strategic national resource, especially since Bonds clients have proven time and again that when Israel is in the midst of a crisis, they do not walk away. Investors value Israel’s impeccable record of having never defaulted on payment of principal or interest on Israel bonds.

Retail clients – individuals and Jewish organizations – comprise approximately 65 percent of worldwide sales. The remaining 35 percent encompasses institutional investors, including states, municipalities, financial institutions, corporations, foundations and others.

Elie Hirschfeld’s proven expertise and success in the dynamic commercial and residential real estate and development markets in New York City, coupled with his passion for Jewish causes and the mission of Israel Bonds make him an ideal match to serve on the Israel Bonds National Campaign Council.

About Elie Hirschfeld

Elie Hirschfeld serves as President of Hirschfeld Properties, LLC, a leading New York-based real estate development firm. Under the leadership of Elie Hirschfeld, Hirschfeld Properties has engaged in the development or ownership of some of the most renowned office buildings, hotels, multi-family residential buildings, parking facilities and retail projects in New York City. It has developed projects such as luxury residential towers Park Avenue Plaza, The Gotham and The Exchange, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hotel Pennsylvania, New York’s first open-air parking garages, Manhattan Mall and the Sports Club LA Building.

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